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Essay Paper on American Faculty

Being a teacher is a really noble vocation for teachers let us realize the nuances of the world we live in, they disclose such aspects of the subjects we study we have never been aware of. School teachers train us in the most necessary fields of knowledge we need in our life. And when we go to colleges, we study the basics and the details of our future careers. But what is the price of becoming a professor at college or university? Is it easy? Is it obtainable? This is the issue we will consider: the ways of becoming a teacher and the future of faculty in the USA.

Before we make predictions as for the future of American faculty, it is important to assert that wanting to become a member of faculty is not always the same as being able to for only desire to teach and share one’s knowledge with students is not enough. Often it happens that students finishing their PhDs are eager to become professors in their core. But as far as they lack particularly teaching training and experience they find it hard or even impossible to teach and continue their career in research but not teaching field. The only thing they need is proper teaching training or practice in the process of their obtaining their PhDs which is supposed to allow them understanding the basics of teaching itself, searching for a good position, representing their findings and results of their research and communicating with people (students and other members of faculty). Such types of training will be viewed hereinafter.

The predicted professor of the future will be described in this paper as follows. This will be a woman who completed the graduate program at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. We will try to depict her at the end of the 20-years period of time, in 2028. The vision of this professor will be as follows. She is a qualified professor of Linguistics who has obtained the CTL Teaching Certificate at the University of Pennsylvania. This certificate allows graduate students who are interested in pedagogy “…to hone and reflect upon their teaching, and with recognition of their commitment to developing as teachers. The program encourages graduate students to become self-reflective teachers and to enhance their awareness of additional teaching practices by engaging in discussions about teaching”.

Thus, it is evident that having an inclination in teaching the PhD graduate decided to not only continue her studies and research in the field of Linguistics, but also became a qualified professor who has taught the major Linguistics program for undergraduates at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Pennsylvania.

Of course, there are some challenges which the graduate students face when they choose to become professors and faculty members in their core. Shuster and Finkelstein have considered and described these challenges in their study “The American Faculty”. And it is understandable that the professor under discussion has faced these challenges in the beginning of her career. They will be considered below…

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