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Essay Paper on a Mixed Communities

by Brandon Bell

Usually spatial planning is committed to create resolutions which help out to control our resources and deeply develop our abilities to take better decisions. Spatial planning refers to the techniques used by the communal sector to control the allocation of citizens and activities in spaces of different sizes. Policies which entail spatial planning comprise several developmental issues such as land use, urban or regional, environmental or transportation planning. Other significant interrelated spots include financial development and community planning. Moreover, spatial planning is taking place among Mixed Communities for a more balanced societal development.

The need for communities to be more ‘mixed’ or ‘balanced’ is since long time. Started when creative thinkers and visionaries in the nineteenth-century evolved to rise for the “Garden City Movement” and, eventually, to city and country planning. It began with the creation of the “District Line of the Underground in 1871”. It was designed to supply the public with an easy arrive to London and as a residence for liberal experts and artists, with middle-class homes, to maintain a ‘social balance’.  More research along with Wilson (1987), recognized the difficulty of social segregation.  Due to living in neighborhoods, vital destructive impacts occurred. Those impacts were a result of the existing poverty and concentrating peoples all of same low rate of incomes in the same area. People living in disadvantaged areas are less liable to be employed, more liable to be poor and they even don’t care to live a low life standard in poor housing and bad environments (ODPM, 2005).

 ‘Mixed communities’ in terms of spatial planning idea was then an inclusive solution for better living standards as an extensive policy. ‘Mixed communities’ is a wide-ranging social benefit, sparkling an integrated and equal society where people of different social classes, categories and earnings allocate the same space, services and amenities. It enhances creating new circumstances and more chances of sharing and understanding for a better developed community.  ‘Mixed communities’ as spaces are assumed to encourage cultural, ethnic or religious consistency to avoid increasing segregation. They are more sustainable as it is less influenced by changes that may occur among one generation concerning whether youth unemployment or illness of old age generation. Through Mixed communities different generations may get the chance for more interactions to be mutually helpful. These communities are much more flexible to manage as hard-to-manage crowds are watered down. Mixed communities due to the variation of earnings, ages and concerns are more able to support a diverse sort of activities, amenities and services.

A fundamental statement assumes that such communities are expected to be better for citizens as well as the whole community enhancing better life chances.

Mixed communities are required to be designed as self-sufficient communities, they usually combine high-quality, different housing types for all earnings, several styles of living, owners and renters according to incomes and way of thinking, schools are there with restaurants, coffee shops, public places, shopping areas, small manufacturing works, community amenities and other conveniences. Among these communities citizens of different ages, ethnic assemblies, and several social classes and styles get the opportunity to engage in different activities and to develop better interactions creating more chances for developing the community. In such environment the potential of positive energy is increased, reducing the rates of low educational achievement and crime levels. Mixed communities allow their schools to draw students from broad variety of backgrounds, opening more channels of interaction and communication. As well the blend of different income levels allows more existence of local services and act as a magnet for small business issues. Social and family networks are more enhanced creating a more sociable environment. Community residents also may get better employment chances due to upper standard levels of disposable incomes. They allow residents to shift within the neighborhood according to their housing needs regarding type and size. Mixed areas are more comprised with several options to have varied rooms for household at different lifecycle stages.

Mixed communities have been considered as a solid key approach to deprived and unprivileged areas. Its policies have wide solutions for the needy areas with a broad vision behind the social goal. Its strategies are planned to bring backconditions of integration, unity, employment and continuity, or to create them. It’s better to be applied in inner environs of large urban or towns which have residence blend and varied uses and engaged mainly by citizens of low earnings with a low housing level. Finally, a number of researchers reported that more awareness needs to be built to support sustainable plans for mixed communities. Developers need to be attentive to deviations taking place in the cultural structure of communities, which will keep on going over time. Once more, mixed communities are normally at a stage for healthy evidence to take place supporting development in several issues, but it’s also crucial to highlight the significance and consequence of sustainability for mixed communities (Fordham. G, 2009).

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