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Essay Paper on “Why should service firms focus their efforts?”

The majority of us go through life thinking ahead. We plan to do laundry, plan to go visit a dentist, plan to take a day-off and plan for retirement—there is always a plan or two! But why do we make plans? We are not able to predict the future, but still are trying to? Every one of us, a student, a manager, a programmer knows that today is different from yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from today. We plan for these differences (some of us at least try to) and this is a way to move forward and face things that are unfamiliar and uncertain. Planning is our strategy for survival.

Successful companies are those that focus their efforts strategically. According to Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of BUSINESS e-COACH, “a successful strategy adds value for the targeted customers over the long run by consistently meeting their needs better than the competition does. What kind of a competitive advantage does the firm possess? What will happen in the future is a company positions itself against competition to secure a sustainable competitive advantage? What are the priorities of the chosen strategy?”

Strategy is like a path that leads a company through the forest of possibilities and success by satisfying customers’ needs better that the competitors do. Being a strategic leaders is also being able to make sure that your company is going along the path in the correct direction. “To be able to identify the right strategy and pursue it to the desired result, one needs to master two important functions: strategic thinking and strategic planning”.

An essential part of strategic planning includes the SWOT Analysis, by answering four simple questions (What are the Strengths? Weaknesses? Opportunities? Threats of the business?) you will define which path to take.

Today’s world is all about customer service: wherever you go, whatever you do you are being offered a wide range of it, either you are a college student or a patient at the dentist’s. As a result there are a lot of service companies to choose from and once a customer makes a decision, he or she will start constantly going to one place, not another. “Excellent customer service is the key to gaining new customers and customer retention”, says Susan Gladin, a writer.

As we see, an old saying “Treat others the way you want to be treated” is true. The thing that the customer wants is to be happy and you will see the person coming back for more services, and telling others wonderful things about your company…

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