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Essay Paper on Digital Economy

In the modern world information and communication technology have become the major determinants of any company’s success. This phenomenon can be easily explained, considering that we live in so-called informational era, which succeeded the industrial one. Thus, if the company possesses advanced technologies, it has excellent chances to become the leading producer in the industry. Recognizing this, more and more firms decide to take advantage of the opportunities that new era creates.

This kind of zeal enables us to say about the emergence of so-called digital economy, which can be managed from own work place without any necessity to travel somewhere to negotiate deals or sign contracts. The main goal of this research paper, thus, is to find out what kind of developments were achieved in ICT and how they can be particularly applied in a company (Kimberly-Clark), what challenges might the company face implementing its ICT?

The research is based on the analyticall method, meaning that it would use different articles and academic records in order to get and analyze the information about new technological advances and their impact. The main information sources include such respected periodicals as Business Communications Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Business Information Review, Brookings Review and the books by such authors as Allen, Currie, Diwan, Long, Tansey, Mandu etc. As the result of the investigation, it would be possible to make certain recommendations for managers as to how effectively implement ICT.

Information and Communication Technology is any mean that could facilitate the process of receiving, storing, and transmitting the information, especially on the long distances. The so-called revolution in ICT is nowadays associated with computers and Internet, which enable their users to communicate with thousands of people worldwide. Another advantage of ICT is that it enables managers to effectively manage their work in organizations helping with huge databases and decision-making…

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