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Essay Paper on The Internet Media

The Internet Media Surfing the internet has been a growing past time habit due to its new and unique technology, which provides entertainment, information, and much more. For those that lack time to sit and flip through a newspaper, or watch half an hour of new, the Internet is the place to find news and current events. Unlike TV or the newspaper, the Internet allows each person to select the news he/she wants to read.The articles that people find on the World Wide Web contain various characteristics that differ from hard-copy print media, some of which are advantageous to the electronic media. In print media advertisements can only be represented with words and pictures, while on the Internet, advertisements can have moving objects, sound, and even interactive attributes. The eye-catching advertisements allow Internet media to be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Also, when reading an Internet publication, the page provides many links for more information on the subject which allows the reader to find out more about the article and to make sure the publication’s facts are accurate, with just a click of a button. While with hard-copy media, the reader only sees the words presented by the write, and has to find other print media to uncover more information on the article. Internet media is also much more entertaining because of the things that can be placed on the Internet, such as bright colors, moving objects, and easy access polls. The most hard-copy media can do is write in an entertaining fashion, and put color on the print medium, which is expensive because it takes expensive ink.

The content of Internet publications and hard-copy publications is mainly the same, the things that surround the articles is what greatly distinguishes the two from each other. The many characteristics of electronic publications give it many advantages over hard-copy publications. First, the advertisements and additional information make the articles more interesting and catching for the reader. There is always something new and fun to view, unlike hard-copy publications, which are mainly only black and white. Also, the links that are provided within the article allow people to do research on the subject without doing too much hard work. Therefore, the reader feels comfortable with the information he/she has received.

An extremely significant advantage of electronic publications is that since it is not on paper and does not used ink, articles can be as long as needed, and the writer does not have to worry about taking up too much space or using too much ink. This allows articles on the Internet to be as thorough as needed since the writer does not have to worry about taking up too much space or using too much ink.

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