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Essay Paper on LCD TV vs Plasma (Compare and Contrast Analysis)

Choice is hardly the best and the worst right that the man has. On the one hand it’s just great to have possibility to choose something from the long line of probable variants; on the other hand one always wants to have purchase goods that have “the best” and “the most” characteristics. In today’s controversial and complicated technological world the problem of choice is especially acute.
And it concerns even the simplest from the first sight issues like the choice of TV set. If you find yourself in the group of people that stand in front of long row of TV’s, trying to placate a highly important argument in their heads – LCD or Plasma, then you’re one of the thousands customers who are definitely doing the same thing at the same time.

In order to make the choice it’s crucial to know the pros and contras regarding each of two types of flat screened TVs. Talking about LCD TV:


  • Long display life and less screen glaring in a light room.
  • Wide range of display sizes available now, in comparison to Plasma TVs, and their comparative affordability.
  • The weight of LCD TV is lighter in comparison to that of Plasma, so LCD TV wall installation is easier.
  • The majority of LCD TVs have TV tuners built in, which makes the purchase of LCD TV more profitable.
  • LCD TVs run on lower temperature in comparison to Plasma.
  • LCD TV produces better quality in reproduction of still images.


  • LCDs are known to have an “image delay” problem which is mainly connected with the nature of LCD technology and as a result, image “artifacting” is caused.
  • Another problem is the “pixel issue”, which understands the process when individual pixels burn-out causing black dots all over the screen, which makes watching TV highly uncomfortable. Moreover, troubled pixels cannot be repaired so the best way out is buying a new TV.
  • So-called “Mercury issue” has been a strong reason of preferring Plasma over LCD TVs which contain although small, but still a proportion of Mercury which is famous for causing health problems.

Plasma TV’s advantages:

  • Better colour contrast in comparison to LCDs.
  • Faster motion tracking.
  • The range of big-sized Plasma screens is wider than that offered by LCD technology.
  • Plasma TVs have no fluorescent bulb in their structure.


  • Plasma TVs generate more heat due to the technology of image recreation.
  • Plasma TVs have dependence on the level altitude (perform worse at high altitudes).
  • Shorter display life in comparison to LCD.
  • Plasma screens are not available below 37 inches.
  • The majority of Plasma screens do not have TV tuners.
  • Plasma screens produce naturally looking images.

In general, the advantages and disadvantages of Plasma and LCD TVs depend only on personal expectations and customer’s budget. Typically, Plasma TVs cost more, while the choice of small-sized Plasma screens is not wide; moreover, the choice can fall on the device with the most pleasing image, for example. Nowadays both Plasma and LCD technologies are highly evaluated among customers…

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