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Essay Paper on Biotechnology and Society

This paper is intended to consider such issue as an abuse of cloned gene products by sportsmen. It is necessary to mention that our life nowadays is full of new technologies, developments and breakthroughs. Biotechnology is one of them. For now it is appealed for to help people suffering from different diseases to improve the quality of their lives.

For instance, such genetically modified product as human insulin which can help people live full-fledged lives without suffering from elevated sugar levels. (4) Another product called erythropoietin (EPO) has been “commercially available since 1989 principally for disease states such as for treating the anemia seen in chronic renal failure.” (2) Athletes may become interested in this product as it produces the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles. (1) And increased amounts of red blood cells contribute to deceleration of fatigue and performance enhancement. Due to the effect of the EPO aerobic performance becomes better as well as muscle strength (the technology is being adapted to athletic tissue engineering).

Thus, according to the effect the EPO has there is an increasing risk of its abuse as many coaches may become interested in using it in order to improve their mentees’ performance. The evidence for it is information about the German couch Thomas Springstein (accused of using doping for under-age female athletes) as he was tripped after using Repoxygen, a drug which gives human a gene stimulating EPO production. (3)
The issue of gene doping may become a serious problem for the upcoming Olympic Games but as far as it is known that the EPO detectible in the body all the sportsmen are supposed to be thoroughly examined and tested in order to avoid this gene cheating…

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