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Essay Paper on Johnson&Johnson Corporate Structure and Culture

The topic of corporate culture is interesting for investigators not only because of special interdisciplinary position that it occupies, but also because of its high practical and economical importance for vital activity of companies. This topic is interesting both for theoretic investigators: physiologists, sociologists, economists, management specialists, and for practitioners working in the companies on the positions of heads of departments.

Specialists say that there are two levels of corporate culture: the first is the visible level which includes behaviours and artefacts, and the second one is a hidden level which embraces such notions as corporate values, assumptions and beliefs. Actually this is the way to divide the term of “corporate culture” into two parts, which in reality are inseparable and do not exist apart from each other in practice. But they are interconnected by invisible threads that unite not only two parts of one notion, but a lot more, the beliefs and statements of those who work for large corporations and believe that their ex facte little part in the whole production process is in reality as important as the part of the managers. Although external and internal issues are highly interdependent in practice, for purposes of analysis, it is important to note that they reflect very different sets of functional imperatives. The external issues are concerned with survival in what must be assumed to be a real environment that is, in part, beyond the control of group members. These external realities define the basic mission, primary task, or core functions of the team or company.

“Johnson&Johnson”, is one of world-leading companies in the sphere of medical devices and appliances, bandages, lotions, first aid kits and other products which embrace a huge number of items and can be united under one name – health care products. The company has a strong brand with high credibility gained through multiple years of effective production and successful developments. “Johnson&Johnson” is associated in many cases with good qualitative service and high-quality products that make customers’ lives much healthier and safer. Being a developed company which possesses numerous staff in all corners of the world, it’s important to encourage company’s employees of all ranges and positions for better self-committed work and to make them feel a part of a huge mechanism which in fact is a large corporation, just like “Johnson&Johnson”. So every self-respecting company creates a statute which contains all rules and regulations concerning the place of employee in the company, his/her rights and obligations, corporate values, aims, objectives and mission.

Credo – is a corporate values code of Johnson&Johnson company since 1943. Company’s web-site contains the chapter which is called “Our credo”, where its main points are clearly and proudly stated. Company’s credo counts more than 60 years, but it’s always actual, and maybe owing to its long history it’s highly respected by all employees. The history of Johnson&Johnson company’s Credo began owing to Robert Wood Johnson, who created his own “industrial philosophy” which was based on the notion of the special connection between company and its employees, customers and shareholders. Slowly this “philosophy” transformed into actual Credo, which was finally written and published only in 1943. It was, and still stays, a one-page document which clearly outlines all main responsibilities and occupational peculiarities, and which has solidly established itself as an integral part of business philosophy. The Credo was received by all employees and managers very good, causing significant resonance and attracting attention of publicity and inspiring on creation of respectful documents in other companies. Corporate ethics is an integral part of corporate culture.

Corporate ethics code is a significant factor of company’s development. The Credo of Johnson&Johnson company compiles the values of the company to all employees, directs them all towards united corporate aims and thus increases corporate identity. Talking about types of codes that exist in general, it’s possible to define declarative and comprehensive types of codes. According to this classification, the Credo of Johnson&Johnson company belongs to the declarative type of code, which is an ideological part of code per se, not including regulations of employees’ behaviour. This is a statement which is designed to inspire and encourage both customers and employees, and it’s interesting that the effect of the code on the customers is as significant as that on the employees. The investigators say that the positive aspect of the company which is guaranteed by its employees’ positive attitude towards their work, is a strong point of credibility, which influences the purchase motivations of customers and works as an additional advertisement for company products…

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