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Essay Paper on Comparison of the artistic styles in the early Italian Renaissance in Florence and high Renaissance in Rome

The present Charter ascertains the comparison of two artistic styles known in the Renaissance age. Renaissance is famous for its magnificent pieces of art and masterpieces. One of its central features is that it lasted for several ages and had different cultural and architectural deviations varying from region or state or period of time. My task is to trait two splendid periods in Renaissance era – early Italian and high in Rome. To proceed with this challenging task, I will structure my paper in the following way. The first part will describe the early Renaissance in Italy and then I will come to high Renaissance in Rome with a short outline of the periods I will proceed with the comparison.

First of all, I will start with the early state of Renaissance in Italy. If we are speaking about Renaissance in Italy, we first of all refer to Florence – the embodiment of cultural ideology. Firenze was the place where artistic career began in 15th-century in Italy. The main feature of that period, especially in Florence was that there were nor women artists, if women are met in the Renaissance period, then it was in Bologna, but not in Florence. The early Renaissance in Italy can be found first of all in literature, painting and in architecture. The vast majority of magnificent cathedrals were constructed those days. It must be noticed that at the cathedral domes were constructed with young children dressed in angels. The early stage of Renaissance in Italy is undoubtedly a new wave in the letter of painting, architecture, even in people’s ways of life. Everyone thought they were living in a completely new era, after Dark ages. Actually, the term “Renaissance” speaks for itself, as it means “rebirth” from the intellectual decline. But if it means the rebirth, then it can be suggested, that something has been already born before, but forgotten. Indeed, then reading the literature on that period I understood, that it was rebirth of ancient brilliant civilizations of Greek and Rome Empires. When I looked at the pictures of cathedrals built in Italy with angels on the dome, I clearly saw the revival of Greek and Roman leanings in architecture. In general, again after the ages of God’s worshiping a human being and human achievements were places in the center.

What has to be mentioned in my briefing is that in 15th-century, the Roman Catholic Church had the final say on everything. And it is important to keep in mind, that mind, a French Pope in Avignon and an Italian Pope in Rome had different political allies. This, to my mind, had an immense impact on the development of cultural relations. The 15th century in Italy was the revolution in the notion of humanity.

High Renaissance in Rome represented a convergence of different talents. It did not last long but it was the most truly wealthy on talents both in Italy and in Rome. And here, it is concluded with the Sack of Rome in 1527 the era of High Renaissance died. But, here in Rome it also started. If, Florence was the heart of early Renaissance, Rome was the cradle of High Renaissance. The main feature, which attracted artists to Rome, was ambitious Popes, who elaborated on the work of art being pretty wealthy. New kind of buildings appeared in Rome – Basilicas. The similarity lies in the fact that in both periods Renaissance meant the rebirth. But in the early stage in Italy it meant the rebirth of Greek and Roma ancient culture. Thus, in Rome itself in High Renaissance renounced the exploits of the Medieval styles, and defined beauty as fidelity at the expense of all other considerations…

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