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Essay Paper on Aristocracy of Virtue

…Throughout the history of ancient countries the aspect of aristocrat lifestyle and privileges has gone through many changes and transformations. The term of aristocracy is used to denominate that part of noble population which acquired its richness due to its origin. But with time a new type of aristocracy, Aristocracy of Virtue became a new denomination for those people who considered themselves to be aristocrats regardless their origin. They gained such name owing to their intellectual skills and only for possessing the virtue that classically a real aristocrat should possess.

During the Alexander Romance period only wealthy people could participate museion, ephebate, gymnasium etc. and use other institutions and establishments that were literally closed for simple people.

If we observe the history of Ethiopia, we will se how the concept of Aristocracy of Virtue became crucial in development of history of this country. This can be demonstrated on the examples of Characlea and Theagenes of Thessaly. Characlea passed to be Greek due to intelligence and special abilities that differed her among others, and that made other people see her person as a real embodiment of chastity. This is how her virtue made her seem as a real aristocrat and live using the same privileges.

Theagenes showed true Greek virtues that were positive traits acknowledged by the majority of intelligent and educated people: temperance, prudence, fortitude, justice. Being courageous also considered to be one of manifestations of human’s virtues. These traits even in nowadays allow many people, including politicians, to make their path through misunderstandings and become popular, proclaiming the same old values and introducing them into their programs (on of the brightest examples – Jefferson)…

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