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Lesson 22: Conclusion

In this section, we will be wrapping up our discussion on Basic English Grammar.

We began this class with why it would be a good idea to learn how to speak English well. We listed down different advantages that we might gain from mastering English grammar as well as what we could use our knowledge for. After that, we proceeded to look at the different parts of grammar and speech—we studied everything from nouns to infinitives, to adverbs to Auxiliary verbs and prepositions. We were able to define all of these things and see how they related to each other. After studying words, we were also able to study sentences and the different kinds of sentences.

Now that we know all of this, we can properly use our English skills to improve our lives: we can now more easily understand information from different cultures, and different internet media platforms. Learning good English grammar has now opened up a lot of doors for us: we can communicate with a wider range of people and we can process a wider range of information as well. Moreover, we know that studying English isn’t very hard: it can be easy as long as we have good examples to learn from and the desire from knowledge.

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