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Lesson 19: Interjections

In this section, we will be discussing interjections and how they’re used in a sentence.


  • To define interjections
  • To enumerate the different ways in which interjections are used
  • To demonstrate how interjections are used in a sentence

Interjections are used to liven up a paragraph or to convey great emotion. In this lesson, we’ll be looking at how interjections are used in a sentence and how they can add to the meaningfulness of a sentence.


An interjection is a word which conveys a strong emotion. It is usually punctuated by an exclamation point. It doesn’t have a functional use in a sentence.

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While interjections may not have a set function in a sentence, they do have quite a number of common uses. They can be used to convey emotion, to call attention, to respond fervently or to convey hesitation. Listed below are a few examples.


To convey emotion

Jeez! You didn’t have to hit me!

Ow! He hit my arm!

To call attention

Hey, you!

Go! Run after him, quick!

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To respond fervently

Yes, I do!

No, I would never!

To convey hesitation



In this lesson, we learned about interjections. We were able to find out that while interjections don’t have a function within a sentence, they are very important when communicating strong feelings (even when those are feelings of hesitation). We also found out how to punctuate interjections and how to use them in a sentence.

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Our next lesson is going to be about capitalization. We’ll be learning about when it’s appropriate to use capital letters and looking at different examples.




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