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Lesson 1: Why Learn Basic English Grammar?

Why learn to perfect your English? In this section, we discuss the advantages of learning Basic English Grammar.


  • To outline the different advantages of knowing Basic English Grammar
  • To enumerate the many different uses of the English language
  • To list down different problems you may encounter during this class and how we’ll help you get through them

Quick Navigation through the Lesson 1:

English is one of the most widely-spoken languages worldwide. Learning Basic English grammar opens up more opportunities for communication—it also opens up more doors with regard to employment and education.

1.) Employment

With the advent of globalization, a lot of companies require their employees to speak and write good English. This is because having a good job may require you to meet with clients of different nationalities (among whom the common language may be English) or to write proposals for various clients. No matter what you do—business, medicine, engineering—it is always good to be able to communicate with your clients and co-workers well.

2.) Education

It’s also good to start as soon as possible because the advantages of knowing how to communicate well in English begin in school: most international courses, scholarships and grants require their students to know how to compose essays and papers in grammatically correct English. These days, institutions are looking for students whose education is holistic: even if you know the answers to a math problem, you may end up losing an opportunity because you had difficulty with the essay portion of the test. English is also the medium of instruction in a lot of international learning institutions.

3.) The Internet

English will also help you with more modern, unconventional career paths like setting up an online shop or becoming a blogger. These kinds of businesses are lucrative because they easily span nations with regard to the reach of their market. To be able to tap into that market, you’ll definitely need to speak confidently in English which is often dubbed the “international language” or the “common dialect”.

Learning Basic English grammar will help you speak more confidently and will provide the perfect complement to the skills you’ve already attained—whether you’re an athlete, a singer or a mathematician, learning how to communicate well in English will definitely be to your advantage.



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