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Things to Remember When Writing a Philosophy Dissertation

The essential things to be aware of when creating a philosophy dissertation are the logical fallacies. A philosophy dissertation, more than any other kind of dissertation, should have a firm logical construction, free from the common errors in reasoning that we have become so familiar with in daily conversation. In all scientific dissertations, whether they be scientific research papers or philosophy dissertations, those erroneous deductions are taboo. The article collection that ProfEssays.com maintains for public reading contain many examples of philosophical dissertations. If you will read them, you are most likely to discover one which will be fine for you to use as a model in your philosophy dissertation.

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The following are some of the logical fallacies to be avoided in a philosophy dissertation:

  1. The slippery slope fallacy is one we commonly meet with in every interactions with people. It affirms that one move or action will result in a consecutive sequence of effects that will lead to a significant final condition. For instance, you might hear someone say “If you could only lend me $2000.00, I would put up a commercial website that will earn a lot, and return the money to you with 20 percent interest in two months.”
  2. Begging the question provides reasons for a condition, and the reasons are identical to the condition, as in; “Eating that food is unhealthy for you because it’s going to make you sick,” in which cause and effect are identical.
  3. The Argument to Ignorance fallacy claims an idea to be true because no proof is immediately available of its falsity. An example of this would be: “Because the World Bank is now effectively controlling most of world trade, it has become an institution to be respected as well as feared,” which forces the reader to assume that the reason is true in order to be able to agree to the conclusion. Unless the writer furnishes believable supportive evidence for his claim that the World Bank controls world trade, the reasoning is fallacious.

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