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Nursing means taking care of the other individuals who are unwell, injured or frail. This is the responsibility assumed by those with formal education and/or training in the field of nursing. Certainly, their importance to the community is immense and cannot be ignored. The students of nursing should understand thoroughly the various theoretical foundation of nursing along with the practices that bound them. The nursing dissertation is one way to expand their horizon of knowledge in the area. This may sound exciting in some way due to the research involved, but at the same time, it is a pain. You must be ready to give good deal of time to research through materials and properly understand it. Besides, you should be able to satisfy the instructor and the defense committee. However, not everybody has time and effort to complete the paper. If you are also one of them and are looking for some help for, then just turn to ProfEssays.com dissertation service and we are going to find you a professional dissertation writer who can provide you with a unique paper.

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For your assistance in writing the nursing dissertation, you should make yourself familiar with the following aspects of nursing-

  • History – taking care of other individuals when they are sick is in existence for ages. However, formal training to the nurses started only in 19th century in Kaiserswerth in Germany and later by Florence Nightingale at St Thomas’s Hospital in London. This are considered to be significant development in the area of nursing and health system.
  • Profession – Nursing is a serious profession. The professional nurses are expected to adhere to the rules and regulation of the body governing it. Their practices, code of conducts, standard are all decided by the professional body or the law.
  • Practice – nursing models and theories provide aid in nursing practices. The nurses are the caretaker of the sick, old, children or even healthy people. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the quality of an individual’s health is improved or maintained.
  • Community nursing – this is an interesting area that is gaining more popularity recently. A healthy community aids for healthy population. The elderly, the pregnant women and children are quite vulnerable segment of the community and hence need to be given more attention
  • Nursing and health organizations – National Health System, American Nurses Association, WHO are some of the health organizations significant in furthering and development of nursing. Their participation in many of research and development (R&D) and continuous support to the betterment of public health is another plus point.
  • Functions – the nurses are given such job as taking blood pressure, taking care of the ICU, CCU systems and patients, and even prescribing of drugs in some countries. They are also expected to take general care of the inpatients, ensuring they take drugs in right time and right manner. Besides, there are many other responsibilities of the nurses depending upon the hospitals, their regulations, the training, experience of the nurses, etc.

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Giving care to these aspects implies that you must do thorough literature in the area. There are hundreds of topics available online and in libraries, you should choose few of them that will be helpful to deal with your paper. This also gives you an idea on topic. Next important part of the dissertation definitely would be the research methodology. You must carefully design the research methods, come up with justifiable findings and results, give right analysis and draw valid conclusions. You should also give references for any materials that you might have borrowed from other available sources.

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