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Lesson 9: Dealing with Non-Fiction


  • To gain knowledge about non-fiction writing
  • To know the basic of non-fiction writing
  • To  know how a writer uses non-fiction writing as a medium for creative writing
  • To know the do’s and don’ts of Non-fiction writing
  • To know the advantages and disadvantages of non-fiction writing

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Non-fiction writing is creating a story that is actually based on real life. Non-fiction and fiction are total opposites, Non-fiction deals with something real while fiction deals with something made up. Writers who write non-fiction usually have credibility to do so because it mostly involves proven facts.

Why writers write Non-fiction

One reason why some writers choose to write non-fiction is because their stories are too factual for fiction. Writing fiction might not give the writers story much justice if the story is factual and real. If the writer wants to make the readers feel the hard hitting facts then he/she will opt to write non-fiction pieces.

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Basics of Non-fiction Writing

  • Core Topic

The writer must find or choose one topic when writing non-fiction. The writer must really know this topic to be able to write with credibility.

  • Define the content of the story

The writer must choose to write something that the readers will want to know about. This should answer most of the readers’ questions regarding the said topic.

  • Research

The writer does not only know the topic, he/she must expound his/her knowledge about it to be able to share more to the readers.

  • Simplicity and Practicality

It is better for the writer to write in a way that the readers could easily understand. Since it is a book about factual information, the writer must help the reader understand the topic in an easier way.

  • Revision

Revising will help the writer generate a better body of work. By proofreading, editing and the like the writer can change some things that needs to be changed in the story or if the writer wants to add some things he//she can when he/she revises the piece.

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How can one write Non-fiction in a Creative Way

A writer can write a non-fiction story in a creative way by not making the story sound too serious. The writer can change how a reader sees his/her body of work by giving it a tone. For example, the writer can add witty comments or remarks from people that he/she has interviewed to help give it variety. A text heavy and too factual story can be boring to read from the readers’ point of view. And the writer can also try writing food and travel articles if writing a non-fiction book or story is to challenging a task the first time.


Do and Don’ts of Non-Fiction Writing


  • Write about a topic that one knows very well
  • Give a lot of information
  • Share experiences and insights
  • Try to make it readable, like use interesting verbs
  • Try to answer as many questions regarding the topic as one can


  • Make the story too text heavy
  • Use words that are hard to understand
  • Use a passive voice
  • Be too serious

Advantages of Writing Non-Fiction

  • Can be very profitable if one knows which market to target
  • It helps the writer look like an expert
  • A writer can target which ever audience he/she would want
  • There will be more speaking and presenting opportunities
  • It can help expand the writers knowledge
  • Publishing is easier

Disadvantages of writing Non-Fiction

  • Has a shorter shelf-life than fiction
  • Can become outdated
  • Can become mediocre
  • Can be boring to readers

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In conclusion, in this lesson you should have more knowledge regarding non-fiction writing. By learning the basic make-up of non-fiction you should be able to start writing your own as well. From choosing the topic that you want to go with and the market that you want to target, you will now be able to formulate your first non-fiction draft. Of course, you will have to research a lot too, to make your piece sounder.

The next lesson will be about poetry. Poetry is a form of art that uses a distinct way of writing. Poems and poetry are commonly used to express feelings and ideas in a non-traditional way. Some poems rhyme, others use a haiku, some writers create sonnets and many more. The next lesson will give you a glimpse of what poetry is and what it can do.



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