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Lesson 8: How to Make your Point of View


  • To know the basics of creating a point of view
  • To understand why writers use point of view and how it can help a story
  • To know the do’s and don’ts of using point of view

Quick Navigation through the Lesson 8:

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Point of View

The point of view in a story or piece means the perspective of the narrator or writer. The writer can utilize different kinds of point of views to express his/her way of telling the story or how it will pan out. When the writer uses point of view he/she most likely wants to control the tone of the story because point of view and the tone of the story are connected in a way.

  • First-Person Point of View

The writer or narrator tells the story from his/her very own point of view. It is the “I” point of view.

  • Third-Person Point of View

The writer tells the story from a characters stand point. The writer does not use “I” but instead “he or she”.

  • Objective Point of View

Here, the writer tells the story as a detached observer. He/she does not state the characters feelings or thoughts. The writer simply states what is going on in the story from observation.

  • Omniscient Point of View

This is also called the second-person point of view. The writer who uses this point of view knows everything about the characters and tells it to the readers from outside the story. He/she knows what goes on inside the mind of all the characters, how they are feeling, their secrets and so on.

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Why do Writers use Point of View

A writer uses point of view to create his/her story because it helps in controlling the pacing of the story, reveal too much at one time and the readers might lose interest too soon. Writers use point of view to give their stories depth and perception. Point of view also helps readers understand the tone of the story or its narrative; it gives them something to connect with.

  • To create Perspective
  • To help readers connect with the story
  • To control the story’s’ Pacing

How Point of View helps Writers

  • It gives the story a tone or voice
  • It gives the story a more realistic perspective
  • It makes the story less confusing
  • It adds distinction from character to narrator or writer

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Do’s and Don’ts when creating Point of View


  • Be intimate with the readers
  • Give it a personality
  • Make smooth transitions
  • Be objective and Concise
  • Exercise creative freedom


  • Switch point of views out of nowhere
  • Use too many points of views
  • Withhold too much information from the readers
  • Change pace abruptly


Tips on Writing a Point of View

  • A writer must determine if he/she will be writing in past or present tense.
  • A writer must understand the logic he/she wants to write in.
  • A writer must know how they want their stories to be understood by their readers.
  • A writer must choose the point of view that will best work with his/her story.
  • A writer must give the readers something to connect to.
  • A writer must try to be realistic as possible.

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In conclusion, you must include or use a point of view in your story so that the pacing of the story is controlled and that it will give the readers interest to go on and find out the ending of your story. Whether it is the first-person or the third-person point of view you must always write in a way that will generate personality and tone for your story and give it perspective. Now when you have already made your point of view, we move on now to non-fiction writing.

Lesson 8 talks about non-fiction writing. Non-fiction simply means based on real events. This is writing a story that is real and true. A form of writing that incorporates a lot of information and detailed accounts of an event or experience. In the next lesson you will be able to know more about non-fiction itself and how to write it.



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