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Lesson 2: Reason behind Creative Writing


  • To get a deeper grasp on what creative writing really is
  • To know why people are into creative writing
  • How creative writing can affect one’s life

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What Creative Writing can do for you

Creative writing isn’t just a form of writing, it is also a form of expression, one can write whatever he/she feels when writing creatively. The use of imagination when building a story can be a freeing task. Below is a list of ways on how creative writing can be beneficial for a person.

  • It enables the writer to exercise his/her imagination and creativity
  • It makes the writer a bit more investigative, examining all sides of the story
  • It helps the writer elaborate more on the story
  • It gives the writer a new perspective
  • It helps the writer understand his/her capabilities
  • It forces the writer to dig deep and seek

Reasons why Writers should be into Creative Writing

There are a lot of reasons, and different ones, why a person should be more into creative writing. A reason could be that one wishes to be a bestselling author someday, or one wants to profit a huge amount of money, or one just simply wants to be a writer and so on. But for the average person, one of the reasons listed below might be it.

  • It helps one communicate better

By knowing how to write creatively or not one becomes better at communicating with others.

  • It can help you land a job

When one knows how to write creatively, one can just breeze through the essay parts in exams and interviews.

  • It can help relieve anxiety

The writer can relieve some of the stress he/she is facing when he/she writes creatively. It is an outlet in a way for writers to let it all out.

  • It helps in making one happy

When writing is done in a therapeutic way, like writing just to have fun, chances are you’ll feel happier and you won’t frequent the doctor. It becomes a source of enjoyment for the writer.

  • It can help get rid of boredom

As stated above, when one writes for fun or enjoyment he/she will be happier. When a person is happy then he/she isn’t bored.

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Impact of Creative Writing to one’s life

Creative writing can change one’s life because it teaches the person to be more confident in his/her self. By creating stories that are generated from one’s own imagination and sharing it with others the writer learns how to believe in his/her own writing. It gives the person a sense of trust in his/her ability and work. In general creative writing is beneficial because it not only increases ones level of knowledge but it is also a factor in building or shaping one’s character. In a way it helps the writer grow and be more open to things that he/she was once hesitant about. When one is immersed into the world of creative writing it gives the writer a chance to be part of something bigger because he/she shares the same love for writing with a whole new set of people. When one reads others works it can open their eyes into more numerous opportunities. The writer gets to meet and know more people, listen to their ideas, and have a deeper connection with them. One will eventually realize that it is not just working or writing for ones self anymore but for the rest of the reading and writing population as well. All in all, creative writing helps a person develop and grow.

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What the writers can learn

  • A person can understand more about him/her self

People who write often tend to gradually find little things about themselves that they didn’t know before. People can understand why they like a certain thing as opposed to what they do not. They can find out about what they like or don’t like, what works for them and what doesn’t.

  • A person becomes more focused

Passion drives focus, when the writer is passionate about what he/she is writing then there is focus because he/she wants to get the idea or story on paper for people to see.

  • A person can learn diction

When one writes he/she will always be on the hunt for more words to fuel his/her story. It increases the writers knowledge on vocabulary, grammar etc.

  • A person learns how to pay close attention to detail

It is not just writing about one thing anymore, it is about writing one thing and the sub things that go with it. Like if one is writing about a person, the writer shouldn’t just write about the person, he/she should write the things that make-up this person, the quirks, the likes, the mannerisms, etc.

  • A person can find purpose

When a person has decided to move on from writing for fun and enjoyment alone, the writer gains purpose because then he/she would now be writing for others too. When a writer wants to showcase his/her work we can assume that he/she wants the readers to know and learn something. The writer wants to get an important message out to the world.

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To summarize, you must be able to get a deeper understanding of what creative writing is and what it can do for you. By reading and studying this lesson you will get a firmer grasp on what creative writing can do for you and your well being. This lesson should be able to help you understand why you should be into creative writing.

The next lesson will show you how a writer can become a professional one. Professional writing is creating stories or pieces that will be consumed by large audiences. Professional writing simply means writing for a living. If you want to become a professional writer someday read on ahead to know a few tips and tricks.




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