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Islamic Fundamentalism Coursework or Essay

Islam, is a derivative of the Arabic word “salam,” meaning peace, and Islamic fundamentalism refers to the beliefs, philosophies and ideologies of Islam. An Islamic fundamentalism coursework is a delicate topic which ought to effectively encompass the details of the preaching’s and practices of Islam, the finding of the religion and the various sects within it.

While writing an A level coursework, in this field writers must keep in mind the sentiments and emotions of people and not raise any debatable issues which might lead to a social controversy or affront the beliefs of people. However, students can now buy coursework which are exclusively written and personalized to suit their requirements, the measures and the techniques adopted by our writers for fabricating such assignments and providing coursework help comprise of:

► A brief history on the origin of Islam
The foremost requirement of this type of essay or coursework is illustration of the origin and background of Islam, for which writers ought to probe and compile all relevant material for presentation in the paper. The essential facts that one must include comprise of:
• The emergence of Islam in 622 CE in Mecca, by Prophet Muhammad
• Gabriel’s role in the origination of Islam
• The spreading and evolution of Islamic faith

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► Islamic beliefs and practices
The elementary component of an Islamic fundamentalism coursework is presentation of a comprehensive overview of the ideologies and fundamentals of Islam. Hence, writers must plan a methodical research and enlist all significant ideologies comprising of:
• The belief of existence of a single god.
• The facts and significance of the holy book of Quran.
• The consumption of Alcohol, illegal drugs are considered as sin.
• The ideology and faith in the preeminence of God’s will.

► About Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad is believed to be the messenger of God and the creator of Islamic faith, it is essential that a coursework pertaining to this field carry a detailed narration of the:
• Birth of Prophet Muhammad in the 6th century, and early life of the Prophet.
• Highlighting the significant events of the life of the Prophet.
• Details of Gabriel visiting Prophet Muhammad.
• Chronology of events which led to Prophet Muhammad visiting Mecca and originating Islam.

Islamic Fundamentalism Essay► The sects within Islam
There are sects contained within Islam as well and a
good research paper should bring out the facts and the details with regard to these denominations within Islam and the significance behind the same. The two most important sects, which majority of Muslims belong to, ought to be contained and elaborated in the paper, these consist of the:
• Sunni Islam
• And Shi’a Islam

► Interesting facts pertaining to Islamic fundamentalism
The objective of a writer while writing an assignment ought to be to make the paper informative and riveting, for which one requires containing the assignment with interesting details pertaining to Islamic fundamentalism, some of which may include:
• Facts and beliefs about the existence of Islam before Prophet Muhammad
• Islam being the youngest religion in the world
• Followers of Islam contributing to 23 % of the world population, making it the second largest religion in the world.
• Islam being the fastest growing religion of the world.

► Controversies relating to Islamic fundamentalism
Islamic fundamentalism and practices have also faced their share of criticism and controversies and it is vital to highlight all such points in the paper to proffer a complete overview of the topic, some essential components to include in this segment comprise of:
• Criticism of fundamentalism by the Islamic historian Bernard Lewis.
• The significance and objective of the Fundamentalism Project.
• The views and thoughts of John Esposito in Islam.
• The human rights controversy.

► Conclusion of an Islamic fundamentalism coursework
A coursework on such a topic should be contained with the thoughts of the writer on the subject. However, one requires keeping in mind not being too explicit and callous in penning their stance, so as not to trigger a controversy and offend any sect of the society or conflicting schools of thought. The conclusion should be effective and impacting and should aim to leave the reader thinking on the topic.
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