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HBS Cases

HBS cases involve a lot of variables, a lot of key players, and often a number of problems that should be taken into account. To make a proper analysis of such case you should pay attention to all of them. Only when this is done, you can suggest your solution.

Remember, that HBS cases are not easy-to-solve problems; they are complex issues that are multifaceted. This means that there are a variety of “good” solutions, and generally, no one “right” solution. This is designed to challenge the student, as well as to give them a realistic idea of what they will encounter in the real world work environment. So, even if your solution is questioned – this doesn’t necessary mean it’s wrong.



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What is HBS method?

There are many different ways in which graduate level courses are taught, and the HBS method, or Harvard Business School method, is one of them.

Generally, students are given a case, or scenario and they must place themselves in the mindset of a leadership role with the responsibility of not only understanding and quantifying the problem, but also coming up with a solid solution to said problem. Identifying all the variables at play, what problems they create, who and what the key players are – is the first step to coming up with a logical and workable solution.

Students who participate in HBS case study focused courses will work cooperatively with their classmates. The role of the professor of the course is to provide constructive guidance to a predominately student guided dialogue, as well as to make careful observations that make students think about the short- and long-term consequences of any proposed solutions postulated. Students are not only tasked with identifying the problem and coming up with a solution, but also defending their solution against criticism.


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What is the Most Difficult Aspect of HBS Case Studies?

An HBS case study is an inherently complex set of information that is given to a student. There are often a huge number of different variables and key players that contribute to problems that arise within businesses, and there are complex interactions and relations between variables that will exacerbate or alleviate these problems.

It can be difficult for students to identify all the variables and players in a complex system, and thus they can easily miss the mark on what the root, or main problem really is. So, you should be very careful and attentive at this stage in order not to miss some key-points.

Once the problem has been correctly identified, you must think of a solution that does not lead to a vast number of negative consequences and that takes into account all the variables and players within the system – how they interact and how changing one will effect the others, as well as the system as a whole – this requires an immense amount of both micro- and macro-level thinking.

It can also be difficult to deal with all the roadblocks that are often presented during the defense of a given solution. Not only are the professors involved in the defense process, so too are fellow students. This means that there is a good chance that one might be presented with information or a viewpoint that puts their entire solution into question. That’s why try to incorporate counterarguments and then refute them in your presentation, this will it even more persuasive.


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How to Prepare for HBS Cases Discussions

It’s much easier to prepare for a discussion of an HBS case, if you have a list of what you have to do before yourself:

–          Identify key-problem

–          Identify key-players variables

–         Try to analyze interactions between different variables, think of how the variables play off of one another to either help or exacerbate said problem.

–        As you have to put yourself in the mode of the decision maker and leader, think of  potential solutions and look for inherent flaws in them.

–       Think critically. Search not only for arguments which support your decision, but also try to anticipate the negative consequences that might result from the chosen solution.

–     Try to predict the likely areas that will come under criticism during the defense of your solution, and think how you can refute them, or modify your solution in order to avoid them.


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Is the HBS Case Method Effective?

There are both proponents of, and those who are not in favor of the HBS method for a wide variety of reasons. It is a fairly widely used methodology that many think better prepares students for a career in the real world than does a more traditional classroom experience. Proponents argue that HBS cases expose students to challenging, real world problems that are incredibly complex and cannot be easily solved. Students are required to put themselves into a leadership and decision making role, and thus have to deal with the responsibility of coming up with, and defending their proposed solutions.

Those who find the HBS method to be lacking argue that case studies are not going to be available to students in the real world. A good part of their career will be spent gathering the data that is presented to them in the HBS cases method of teaching. In the real world, students will not be presented with packets of carefully organized and expertly collected data from which to base their opinions off of.

Regardless of opinion on the efficacy of said methodology, the HBS method is a popular form of teaching – particularly in the business field – and has a number of very positive aspects that aid students in being prepared for real world career issues. This is a complex manner of teaching that requires and immense amount of analysis and decision making on the part of the student. This means that one needs to have an in depth and intimate knowledge of all aspects of an issue when trying to create a solution that would actually work.


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