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Exercise for Lesson 9: Business E-mails

In this exercise, we’ll be practicing how to write business e-mails. This will give us an opportunity to put all the tips about the content and format that we learned in the previous lesson to good use. Below a set of instructions and examples are provided to help you master how to write business e-mails. Follow them carefully.


Given below are different business situations wherein you have to e-mail both co-workers and clients. Follow the instructions and write business e-mails as dictated by the situations. Don’t forget the format and fill in the To: From: and Subject: fields as well. Keep our lessons on the form and content of business e-mails in mind for each situation. At the end of this document is an example which will serve as your guide through the exercise.

  1. You are working for the Events Department of a company called Hope & Sons, Inc.—you are a jewelry company looking to launch your winter line (e-mail: [yourname]@hopesandsons.com) . You have been tasked with writing an e-mail to Mr. Raymond DeLilo, the owner of the Sapphire Hotel (his official title is “President & CEO”/e-mail: rdelilo@sapphirehotels.com ). You need to ask him about whether or not he would be willing to enter a partnership with your company for the upcoming launch as well as all the other launches (Spring, Summer and Autumn) for the coming year. You also need to inform him that the full proposal for the event is attached to the e-mail.
  2. You need to e-mail your co-worker to apologize for losing her copy of the contract which she entrusted to you because your bag got stolen on the train the day before. You are both training associates at a company called TrainFirm, Inc. and your e-mail is [yourname]@trainfirm.com; her name is Ms. Lea Clarke (e-mail: leaclarke@trainfirm.com ). Let her know that you will do all you can to help her get a copy of the important papers but also explain that the loss was not entirely your fault.

Below is an example to help you answer this exercise:

You are working for the Literary Department of the Marble University (e-mail: [yourname@lit.marbleuniversity.edu). You need to e-mail a colleague from the history department to ask for help with the Annual University Literary History Festival which is going to take place in less than a month. His name is Louis Kazinsky (e-mail:louiskazinsky@his.marbleuniversity.edu) and he has a Ph.D. in Post-Colonial Theory.

 To: <”Louis Kazinsky” louiskazinsky@his.marbleuniversity.edu>

Fr: <”Mary Lance” marylance@lit.marbleuniversity.edu>

Subject: Annual University Literary History Festival

Hi, Dr. Louis!

This is Mary Lance from the Literature Department; I’m heading the committee for this year’s Annual University Literary History Festival (AULHF). This year, we’re focusing on the world’s former colonies—we’re trying to make the festival an event which honors both cultures that were built and cultures that were altered during that period in time. We’ve contacted the Theater Department to arrange a screening of a play they did that is loosely based on Ms. Saigon. We’re also going to have a food fest which will feature food from Vietnam, Mexico, the Philippines, Cambodia, Monaco, Morroco, Belgium and Italy. We’re also putting together a cosplay contest where people can dress up as famous historical figures (e.g. Bonaparte, Magellan, de Brazza, etc.); we have yet to come up with a set criteria for this contest.

While this is all fun, I feel like we still lack thorough knowledge about how post-colonialism has impacted the world. We’d like to invite you to give a talk at the Little Theater sometime in the next two weeks to be able to orient the entire committee about the subject. If you have any ideas which you think might be a good addition to the His/Lit Fest, please let me know.

If you’re interested in the project, I can send you the full proposal.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this e-mail!


Mary Lance



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