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Exercise for Lesson 11: Business Brochures

In this exercise, we’ll be practicing how to write content for business brochures. Because layout is going to be difficult to practice, we’ll instead be practicing primarily how to write good product descriptions as well as how to organize information. Detailed instructions are below.


In this exercise, you’ll be tasked with writing the brochure for a company that offers public seminars. Below is general information about each of the programs. Organize these into short paragraphs which are no longer than 250 words each. Also make sure to write a short abstract at the beginning describing the company. Also, look for photos which correspond well with this information. At the end of this document, an example is provided using similar parameters to guide you through this challenging exercise.

1. BRB Consultancy & Training, Inc.

  1. Training and consulting company
  2. Specialty = public seminars
  3. Caters to young professionals
  4. Provides special programs
  5. E-mail: contact@brbcandt.com
  6. Website: brbcandt.com
  7. Qualified speakers

2. Training the Trainers

  1. Program for emerging leaders
  2. How to handle people
  3. Sign up fee $ 10.00
  4. 3 days

3. Public Speaking

  1. Confidence development
  2. Practice speeches
  3. Sign up fee $ 15.00
  4. 2 weeks MWF


Below are different pictures of make-up products. Let’s say that you’re writing a short brochure advertising the products of a cosmetics company. Describe all of the products in creative, compelling and informative paragraphs based on the photos and information below. Make sure that each description is less than 250 words long. Also make sure to organize the information into headings and to provide a short paragraph about the company—include the company’s contact details.

1 . Le Best Cosmetics, Inc.

  1. Quality products
  2. Hypoallergenic
  3. In business since 1995
  4. Affordable for quality
  5. Website: lebestcosmetics.com/email: info@lebestcosmetics.com

2. Eye Kohls

  1. Creamy consistency
  2. Good range (blackest black, midnight violet, lovely lilac, true topaz blue, bronze goddess)
  3. Wearable
  4. Lights up face
  5. Stays on

3. Lush Lippies

  1. Signature colors
  2. Strong/stain/flexible
  3. Parakeet pink, coral crush, scarlett letter (L-R)


LeBest Cosmetics, Inc.

In business since 1995, LeBest has been providing quality, affordable alternatives to high-end brands for more than two decades. Our quality products are made of only the finest materials—they deliver great pigmentation and last all day. Plus all our beauty products are made from all-natural ingredients—everything is hypo-allergenic and great for all skin types. All of these products are available on our website (lebestcosmetics.com) and in our stalls at all leading department stores. For inquiries, e-mail us at info@lebestcosmetics.com.


 Eye Kohls

Our premium line of eyeliners promises only the truest colors—ranging from shades like Blackest Black to True Topaz Blue, these soft, creamy eyeliners are sure to make your eyes pop with just one swipe! All the shades from this range are ideal throughout all seasons and can be worn as a strong, fierce cat-eye or as a subtle glint of purple or bronze. These are part of our permanent LeBest Forever range


Lush Lippies

Coming in three strong, classic shades these quality lipsticks are ideal for all occasions. With their versatile formula, these strongly pigmented lippies can be worn lightly as a stain or as a full-on lip for some major glamour. Our three signature shades are (from L-R in the photo) Parakeet Pink, Coral Crush and Scarlet Letter.


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