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Writing a Diploma Thesis is Easy and Hard at the Same Time

<strong>Writing a Diploma Thesis is Easy and Hard at the Same Time</strong>

Hearing the Aida March during the end of the school year makes every student excited to step on the stage, receive his diploma and humbly face the people to show his success. It is a time when he will start to feel that another stage of life is yet to come. But before finally getting the evidence of long finished race, college students are required to pass a complete thesis paper. Graduating college students may not be able to paint the town red if they fail to submit a comprehensive thesis paper.

Writing a thesis paper is far different than making own fictional stories with fictitious characters or posting ideas on FB statuses, tweets or blogs. Technically, a thesis paper should write in a formal and informative way. You need to gather a lot of researches from books, magazines, journals, internet and other information resources. A questionnaire survey can be also used depending on the type of thesis you are writing.

A diploma thesis has usually five chapters. First Chapter includes the introduction, statement of the problem, hypothesis, assumption, scope and delimitation and conceptual framework. In this chapter, you will be presenting the problem raise in your research through introductory paragraph. The font type should be either Times New Roman or Arial, black font with font size of 12. Sentences should be in doubled-space and aligned justify. You also have to hypothesize probable answers to the problems and test those assumptions to find out the results. Hypothesis and assumptions should always be arranged by numbering. The conceptual framework which gives you the idea how the research will flow requires graphical presentation. The second chapter is the study of related literature and related theory. Writing this chapter is quite sensitive because you have to be extra careful when quoting a paragraph or sentences, acknowledging the sources and paraphrasing. The quoted paragraph or the paraphrased paragraph must always be followed by a footnote. A footnote comprises the name of author, the title of the his article or book, the publisher, the date when it was published, the place where it was published and the exact page of the quoted phrase, sentences or paragraph. In this chapter, a researcher will present the article, books or studies relevant to the thesis paper. He will choose related theories to support the assumption created in the first chapter. Chapter three is the methodology of the research paper. Formulas, calculations, computations are present in this chapter. It gives the idea how the researchers start and end the study. This is also in paragraph form with the same format done in the first chapter. Chapter four, the presentation and result of the study, as the title implies, discusses the result of the tests, massive research, questionnaires and other methods of gathering information. The results are presented with tables. The analysis and interpretation constructed in paragraph form are placed just below the table figure. The last chapter is the summary and recommendation. If the study is a feasibility study, you should tell the readers how and why the study becomes feasible. You make conclusions out of the researches, experiments or results of the survey test. It is also important to develop suggestions and recommendations to improve the research. If for example the study is not feasible, put reliable and effective recommendations as an alternative. This may be a guide for the future researchers who will be interested to continue the study and explore beyond the limitations.

Of course you cannot start your thesis without a thesis title. The thesis title has an independent and dependent variable. It must state the problem of the study as clear as possible. It is always placed on the cover page of the thesis paper.

Writing a comprehensive thesis successfully is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, time and commitment to meet the demands of satisfaction. But these requirements will lead you to the road of success and help you open the door for the next stage of your life. You just have to make right motivation for you to hear the Aida march while marching on the aisle.  Good luck!

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