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Top quality Bioterrorism essay assignments written by ProfEssays.com

Bio terrorism is one of the biggest threats to mankind, and by definition bio terrorism means the intended use of bio-chemical weapons constituting harmful bacteria and virus and that are a fatal threat to humans.s

A bioterrorism essay is an interesting paper which pertains to the increasing arms race, the initial use of biological warfare, and the affect on humanity.

These types of essays need to deal with various factors like international relations, the procurement of such weapons and the measures taken to check the threat and usage of the same.

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ProfEssays.com has a panel of specialist writers to deal with such complex essay and research papers, and some of the measures taken by us to write such essays include:

  • The history and emergence of bioterrorism

While writing a bio terrorism essay one should first research into the history of this fatal act. At ProfEssays.com we conduct an in depth study and illustrate initial use of such hazardous acts in the 14th century where the bubonic plague was used a weapon against enemies, in this section one also needs to chronologically provide the evolution of bioterrorism during World War I.

  • The development of biological warfare

The expansion and the reasons behind the development of such mass destruction weapons requires being delved into and comprehensively portrayed in the bio terrorism essay. Such essays scripted at ProfEssays.com comprise of:

►   The growth of American biological weaponry under the regime of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942.

►   Dilger and his works in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

►   Iraq’s biological weapon development.

►   Weapon testing

►   The procurement of these fatal weapons by terrorist organizations.

  • Past incidents of bioterrorism

There have been numerous fatal incidents relating to bio terrorism and one should encompass all such major tragedies in a bio terrorism essay, some of which may comprise of:

►   The 1984 attack in USA carried out by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh by infecting the salad bar.

►   The release of anthrax in Tokyo in 1993 by a religious group Aum Shinrikyo.

►   The 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States.

►   And the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

  • Modern day bioterrorism threats

ProfEssays.com writers feel that it is extremely essential for students to illustrate the current day scenario in a bio terrorism essay. For this it is vital to conduct a research on the global terrorism situation and any incident of biological weapon or virus usage that may have taken place against a particular state. This section should contain factual information which displays the writer’s dedication and understanding of such hazardous happenings.

  • The affects of bioterrorism

A good research paper or essay on bio terrorism should give a brief on the harmful effects that the usages of such weapons may have on the people and on children. Bio chemical weapons are liable for causing mass destruction and it is vital for students to discuss the type of complications and ailments that may arise due to the usage of same, some of which may include:

►   Respiratory ailments

►   Food poisoning

►   Skin infections and ailments

►   bubonic plague

►   Small Pox

►   Viral hemorrhagic fevers like yellow fever etc.

  • The laws and global measures to check the spread

Rising development of weapons of mass destruction has been a rising international concern, it is essential that students comprehensively discuss the type of measures that have and are being taken to check the development and usage of such hazardous weapons, these should comprise of:

►  Disarmament procedures and treaties signed between regions.

►  President Richard Nixon’s policies on biological warfare

►  Conference of the Committee on Disarmament at the United Nations

►  The development and usage of mechanical bio terrorism detection system, RODS (Real – Time Outbreak Disease Surveillance).

  • Writers opinion and stand

While writing these types of essays and assignments is it vital for a writer to voice their opinion and point of view on the issue, this displays their skill and understanding on the subject and also is a way of coming up with interesting ideas and facts on the issue of bio terrorism.

All bio terrorism essay assignments scripted by our writers at ProfEssays.com are well researched and contain up to date research facts and information.

We also ensure that each of the assignments fabricated by the writers of our organization are of the finest quality and are perfectly customized as per the instructions given by our clients.

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