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How to Choose an Essay Topic

Choosing an essay topic is not an easy task since a writer has a lot of options. This is a critical step in writing a good essay and when you become successful in selecting your topic that means you are off to a good start. Brainstorming ideas is an effective way of being able to come up with a good topic for your paper. Do not limit yourself at this part. Just jot down whatever comes to your mind at that point. Use bullet points to enumerate the list of ideas that you have. After brainstorming, narrow down the concepts that you listed.

Choose 3-5 ideas in the list that you are most interested in. You may also choose based on how knowledgeable you are about the listed idea and how much resources you have that will help you write the body of the paper. With the 3-5 ideas you have selected, do freewriting on each idea. No need to worry about spelling, punctuation or capitalization yet since freewriting is more of gauging how much you know about the idea. Lastly, choose the idea or topic that you find workable.
Consequently, when choosing an essay topic, you ought to consider the availability of materials in the area of study chosen. This implies that you should visit the library, the internet and other resource areas to ascertain the availability of resources.
In a nutshell, a good essay topic should be original, address a real problem and have enough materials for research.

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