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How to Be Creative in Writing

creative writingThis is usually asked by many aspiring writers or those who are just curious to write. Creativity is a very natural skill to every human. However, every human has a different expression and action on showing and dealing with his creativity.

Creativity occurs not only writing. This kind of skill usually shows up when time you need this. Example? Imagine yourself you are stranded in an island. Fortunately, you are alone and no one can help you on everything. Since no one can help you to get some foods, create your own shelter, and kill the boredom, your only friend is only yourself!

You have the freedom to do anything in order to survive being alone in an island and your time is unlimited. If you want to survive, you’ll make actions! But if you want to die, do nothing. Even you swear that you are an emo and you love death, for sure, when death comes and try to kiss you, you will do anything to escape it and even the least of things that you don’t want to do in your life, you will do it in order to survive.

Now, going back to the topic where you are stranded in an island, the things that you can use to survive are the things available in that island. There trees, fruits, stones, and figs. These things are pieces of junks. But now, these things are great tools to fill in your needs. Remember the reality show ‘Survivor’? Contestants in that show had used everything they saw in that island. They created such tools and even ate some plants in order to fill their hunger.

So what’s the lesson? In time that you are in need, your creativity will show up, especially when your adrenalin is rushing. This is very natural reaction of human as it is very natural to them to find way to survive. So when it comes to writing, do you need to pressure yourself just to be creative? No! All you need to do is to relax and take your time imagining. Ideas always come out without putting pressure. If you are not pressure and you are just relaxed, the flow of ideas will go on. In that way, you are worry-free and it will be easier for you to write.

When writing an article or blog, the imagination is your friend. You are creating a new character. So as an author or story teller, think that you are the God of your own article or blog. You are the one who will choose the ending and the only who can create the starting point of your story. If you are aiming to get the attention of your audience, your story must be unique even though it came from the experience. Now, you need tons of creativity but how can you do that if there are millions of ideas popping out in your head and you are confused on how to organize them?

It is very simple to produce a creative article if you know how to relax and handle pressure. Well, pressure is everywhere. So live with it! Take time to take some rests before you write. As much as possible, don’t write if you feel hungry. Because seriously, you brain is too tired to entertain new task. Don’t be an abusive owner.

If you got the rest that you want, start jotting down all the ideas that popping out in your head. Once you’ve jotted them down, read them and check what are the best ones. When you begin writing, always put your passion and focus. You can ask the opinion of other people so you can enhance your writing more.

Writing could be simple. But writing new ideas and stories is very challenging. So when you begin writing, always remember, passion is indeed.


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