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Get Up And Be Creative at Writing

To fill an empty white space with mere words is not even easy, how much more to paint it with words that could play up one’s imagination?
There are a lot of How-to’s about writing that are splattered on the web. There are procedures and recipes on how to write a formal letter, how to make a feature article, how to make an essay, how to make an article on other how-to’s, and how to write creatively. There are plenty of which we can use and learn from that involves writing. And this is no different than any other that are already posted in the pile of words circling the Internet. For this we will look into the latter example given above, which is how to write creatively. However, let us tilt on the subject a little bit and focus more on the creative rather than the writing.
Creativity is not something that can be bought on stores— no, not even in your high-end malls around the block. Others may be born with colorful thumbs, or with color palette at hand. But most of us are at lost when asked how creative we can get. Here are some suggestions when gearing up your creative prowess:

  • Get Up and Get Old-School – Creativity is not something that comes to you while you just wait in vain watching Art Attack. The first thing to do to be creative is to get up and decide whether you are really in it or not. After you get up and let loose the uncreative and boring in you, get old school—those advices on strolling down the park, watching the sunset, breathing in fresh air, visiting the museum nearby—those kinds of old school. It may sound boring to you but hey! It juices out the creative in you without you knowing. Plus, you get to relax while doing so.
  • Get Up and Get Lost – Take a new route as you try to get to (or from) your school or your office, or wherever you do your usual walk. Having to find your way out from those unfamiliar streets to wherever you desired to be exercises your brain to find out creative solutions and shortcuts that leads to your desired results. It does not only do that, it also allows you to meet people and be a spectator of a new surroundings. This would likely to help find the creative you as you start to square one, at least for a day, in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. It will be appreciated if you try to do this. However, do not compromise an important schedule for the sake of getting creative.
  • Get Up and Get Dirty – Whatever you are thinking about getting dirty, just wait a second. To get dirty, I mean, is to do things outside your comfort zone. You remember when you were young, you tend to play with mud and do cooking show with variety of leaves from your mother’s garden? That kind of dirty. Well, that depends whether you have experienced those things when you were young. Those were the ways children get out of their comfort zone. Now that you are your age, you are not expected to do that. I suggest that you make a list of things you want to do but never find the courage to do. How does it bring out creativity? It puts you to a position where all you want to do is hide (or run, depending on you) but you opted to do the other way and stay. If you want to be creative, you have to do things the other way. You have to think out of the box. You have to do things that nobody would dare think or do.

What does these all have to do with writing? At the moment you may not appreciate doing these things but eventually you will learn that those suggestions are but normal, a way of life to people who find it easy to bring out their creativity and boost it up higher than others. Writing is not easy, but storing up inspirations, scenarios, and places that were results of you “getting up” may help the free flow of creative wordings from you. So go ahead, get up and get going.

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