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Creative Writing Workshop Class

I consider myself a very creative person. However, due to a couple of circumstances in my life (I won’t specify), I was unable to pursue creative writing as a career. I still did it in my spare time but the really difficult thing for me was that I didn’t know how or where to begin. I didn’t know if I wanted to write poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction (I’d always just assumed that fiction was the way to go). I wasn’t sure about when to write or what to write. My lack of experience made me really anxious and so for a long time I kept my stories to myself. I didn’t tell anyone that I’d been writing and on the rare occasion that someone knew about it, I wouldn’t let them read it. I was super scared of being criticized or made fun of especially because I’m no longer at that age where most people think it’s okay to write silly stories.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Charles Bukowski’s and so one day I was online looking for a particular story (Guts, if any of you are wondering). This class came up on the search bar because turns out they’d referenced him in the lecture (or the lesson, rather). That was what really caught me. I’d been a Bukowski fan since I was a teenager and I knew that if a class was using him as reference, then it would definitely be worth a shot. Despite the fact that I’d never received any formal training before and had certainly never taken any kind of course or educational means toward creative writing (unless you count actually reading books, tee-hee), I found myself thumbing through the curriculum. And that’s how I got sucked in.

Those of you out there who are frustrated creatives like myself—those of you who thought you’d missed your chance at learning how to write creatively, you’d better think again: this creative writing course has everything that I’d ever wondered about from how to develop good writing habits to how to overcome writer’s block to which genre of literature is best for you; I’m telling you, it’s here.

I finished the course in a span of two weeks; I know that might seem slow but I’ve got me a day job so it’s the best that I could do. This class really enlightened me in terms of how to maximize my time (it’s not easy juggling this deep-seated interest in writing and a full-time day job—but I think most of us already know that) and how to look at writing as something important regardless of whether or not you do it as a living.

For reference, my genre of choice is fiction—I write stories and in particular, I enjoy fantasy. Apart from whether or not I enjoyed a story or who in the story I liked, I didn’t know anything about the elements of fiction or about the things that make a good narrative coming into this course. I was amazed at the amount of knowledge that these short courses contained: I know that this is going to sound like I’m crazy but it felt like a part of me that I didn’t know was still alive had resurfaced. I was finally able to learn about all the things I’d been wondering about all these years—what differentiates fiction from poetry (aside from rhyme or verse)? How can non-fiction be done creatively? How are we supposed to react to criticism? Is it a good or bad thing to open yourself and your work up to the people around you?


If you’re one of those kindred spirits out there who’ve been going through the same thing then I definitely recommend you take this class. It’s easy to understand without being watered down info-wise. Recently, I’ve become (slightly) more open with my work and have been letting my close family and friends read it. I’ve also learned how to revise my drafts (instead of immediately scrapping them). Also, I got accepted into a small workshop at my town’s book club and my story is going to be read next week. It’s a small victory but I just thought I would share it anyway and give a shout out to everyone out there who has dreams of writing fiction, poetry or non-fiction—this course might be just the thing that you need to get yourself going.

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