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Coming Up With Fun Topics to Write About

One of the biggest challenges we encounter when writing is deciding what to write about—even if there are a lot of topics that interest us, a lot of the time when we set out to write them, our minds go blank. In this post, we’re going to be helping you channel the creative writer in you. Here you’ll see how you can channel your interests so as to improve your writing! This fun list contains different things you can do to come up with fun, exciting and interesting topics that are fun to both write and read about! Keep reading and discover what we’ve got in store for you!

1. Make a list

Ideas for fiction, poetry and essays drift in and out of our consciousness throughout the duration of the day. There are more than a thousand things that run through our minds everyday—even when we’re sleeping, our brain sends out signals which allow us to come up with dreams! The key thing to understand when looking for things to write about is that you simply need to pay attention to your thoughts: one way you can achieve this is by making lists. Whether you carry around a notebook and a pen or prefer to make memos on your mobile phone, the important thing is to be able to pin these ideas down so that they don’t drift away.

2. Start with your hobbies

What is the easiest way to come up with something interesting to write about? Begin with your interests! Before you start to wonder about what other people might find interesting, think about yourself and the people you know and what things you and your friends find interesting. Do you like comics? Do you like art? Maybe you’re a movie enthusiast? One of the age-old pieces of advice given to beginning writers is to write what you know. By starting with your hobbies, you’re able to write creatively and accurately about something because you have a good grasp on that particular topic and what it involves.

3. Be specific

Broad topics like “music” or “cartoons” can be very daunting because they leave you with a lot of room for errors. Your work could come off disorganized or confusing but if you are as specific as possible, then your work will most probably be clear, concise and coherent. To help you achieve this, the question you should ask yourself is “what about it?”—for example, let’s say that you’re writing about ice cream flavors: ask yourself “what about ice cream flavors?” and this will lead you to the answer “how your preference in ice cream flavors might vary according to your mood”, giving you a topic that is specific and intriguing.

4. Explore

Even if it’s true that you should write what you know, it’s also important to keep expanding the range of things that you know. If you’re feeling stuck or like you’ve exhausted all of the familiar topics that you want to write about, maybe it’s time to take a breather and explore! Try a restaurant that you haven’t eaten at before or watch a new film, read up on different topics that are interesting but which you’ve never bothered to look up before. You could learn new things and simultaneously pull yourself out of your writing rut.

5. Get started!

Procrastination is the productive writer’s number one enemy! There is often nothing to it but to do it. Once you have a list of topics that you want to work on, don’t waste time—get started now! The sooner you begin writing, the sooner you are able to produce writing—whether it be an essay, a work of fiction or a bunch of poems—that is engaging and fun to read.

We hope that you enjoyed our list above. Has this post helped you become more productive? Do you have any tips on how to come up with fun topics to write about? Let us know what you think! We’re absolutely dedicated to helping you improve the way that you write—stay tuned for next week’s post!

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