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An Essay Writing Class

I’ve always found it challenging to write essays —but it’s also been one of the things that I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I grew up reading journalists like Lester Bangs and essayists like George Orwell. I feel like essays as a medium are so informative and can have such a big impact both on people as individuals and on society. Lester Bangs revolutionized rock journalism in the 70s and put a new spin on how people viewed rock and roll—George Orwell was able to contribute a big chunk of knowledge to both literature and politics.

Despite my desires, though I really thought for a while that it might not be for me. I find that essay writing requires a lot of organization and structured writing. I’m the kind of person whose mind is always drifting from topic to topic: I have a broad spectrum of interests and that isn’t always a good thing. A lot of the time, I will have an idea in my head but will be unable to translate it onto the page in any cohesive or coherent manner. I never used to know how to group my thoughts or how to get to the point I was driving at.

A couple of months ago, just as I thought it might be time to give up writing essays (or trying to, for that matter)— I stumbled upon this Essay Writing Class. After initially hesitating, I began to ask myself: what are you so scared of? It was a class that claimed to be of good quality and it seemed really legit. I decided once and for all that I would no longer let my fear of failure hold me back.

Not to be over-the-top about it but I think I can say that joining the Essay Writing Class was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. The course was informative, understandable and the material is super handy—because it’s online, you can learn whenever, wherever. I was eventually flipping through more than one lesson a day and found myself feeling something I haven’t felt since I was in college—a resounding hunger to know more.

I really appreciated how the course seemed like it was designed to be easy to follow. I also very much appreciated the fact that research was really put into the subject matter. I’m online a lot and I can vouch for the fact that this is usually not the case with other online courses.

One other thing that I enjoyed was the fact that there are quizzes at the end of every lesson. Like I said, I haven’t felt this excited about learning since I was in school. This course was able to make the challenge of writing an essay new and exhilarating for me. Throughout the duration of this course I’d almost forgotten that just a few weeks prior, I’d been on the brink of giving on my dream.

If it isn’t obvious enough yet in this little write-up, the course really helped me learn how to sort out my ideas. I learned that it’s okay to express yourself and it’s okay to make mistakes at first. The important thing is to know how to go about organizing and editing the words, later. That’s one of the many things that you guys will definitely learn from this class if you decide to take it (although at this point, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t).

Since finishing the class, I’ve been writing non-stop. I’ve also been submitting to different publications (the class definitely gave me the confidence that I’d been lacking in the past) and I recently found out that a few of them will be running soon. Taking this class really helped me step up my game. All I can really tell those of you who are looking for a good way to begin writing essays is to sign up for this class!


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