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Affiliate Program Terms

This referral affiliate program agreement is a legal agreement between you and ProfEssays.com for participating in the ProfEssays’ Affiliate Program. After you have registered for the program, you agree to everything that is stated within this Agreement.

Using our Coupon Codes

We will send you coupon codes.  Feel free to share them with your friends.  Please remember that you may not use the coupon codes for your personal orders.

Unsolicited e-mail (SPAM)

You may not send any unsolicited/unwanted bulk e-mails that promote or refer to ProfEssays.com or any companies that it is associated with, or its partners or employees. You may not post advertising to non-commercial newsgroups or cross posting to multiple newsgroups at the same time.

If you do not follow these rules, your position as an affiliate will be canceled right away, and you will not receive any commissions that are still owed to you.

We will NOT revoke your affiliate status to avoid paying you money we owe you or to avoid paying any of your future commissions.

Order Processing

We are the only party that is responsible for processing each of our products’ orders. Customers will use our secure online ordering process. It is our responsibility to handle order forms, payment processing, shipping, cancelations, returns, and any related customer service issues.

All of our rules, operating procedures, and policies related to customer orders and accounts will apply to the orders that we receive with your coupon codes. We can refuse any order that does not meet with our rules, operating procedures, and policies.

Every customer who buys our products or services through this program is, by definition, considered our customer.


We pay a commission every time an Affiliate reaches the amount of $50.00. An Affiliate can use his commission as a discount for his own orders any time, even if his total commission is less than $50.00. We use PayPal to pay all commissions.


If a client asks for a refund of his pre-paid credits for any reason, we will then reverse the commission that we may have already paid to Affiliate.

Term of the Agreement

The period/term of this agreement will begin when we accept your affiliate program application and will end when either party cancels the agreement. Either you or we may end this agreement at any time by giving the other party written notice of termination. Ending this agreement can be done in an e-mail. You can only earn referral fees on sales that took place during the term. We will never refuse to give you any money we owe you. Payments we owe you will made on the same schedule that is stated in this Agreement for commission payment.


If we decide to, we may change any of the terms and conditions in this agreement at any time by posting a new agreement on our Web site. We will also send all Affiliates any changes we have made by e-mail. If you decide that any change is unacceptable, you may end this agreement. However, if you continue to participate in the program after you have been notified of our new program, it will mean that you have fully accepted the changes made to the program.

Privacy Policy

Any information that you have shared with us relating to this affiliate program will only be used for affiliate membership purposes (to make your commission payments and to let you know of changes in our product offerings). We will make sure to let you know of any new banners and/or text links that will help you promote ProfEssays.com We do not and never will sell, rent, or in any way make your personal information available to anybody else outside of our own organization.