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Writing a critique essay is something most students need to know how to do or are expected to already know. This task may seem rather simple however, it requires specific writing and analytic skills along with a lot of knowledge on the essay topic, whether it be a book, a movie, a painting, an event, a process in history or in some other branch of science. Thus, preparation for writing a critique essay can be rather substantial and requires a lot of work to be done.


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A writer who has to develop a critique essay should remember that they do not need to be professional writers (nor can they be such). However, the writer has to be able to think over the information that is to be criticized and should be able to express their opinions upon the topic as well. General critical thinking is an ability required not only for academic writing, but it is also necessary for everyday life when it is important to critically assess the events and experiences in order to make the right decisions.

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The development of a critique essay is a process requiring attention and analytic abilities from the researcher. The process lies in studying and considering the issue or issues to be criticized, examining the available resources on the topic and writing the essay itself. The essay is to be a well-organized paper with an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. In the introduction, the core of the problem/event/issue/topic is to be described as some form of validation for the further research offered. The main body consists of a few paragraphs including the presentation of the writer’s opinions and speculations concerning the problem/event/issue/topic under discussion. The conclusion is a summary of the main points of the essay and is to be an elegant finale for the critique essay.
There are many types of critique essays, depending on the task and the field the writer studies for. Among them are comparison critique essays, business writing critique, and personal essay critique.
It is crucial for the writer to understand that a critique essay is a paper that should include their personal opinions and rendition of the given problem/event/issue/topic and thus is valuable in its originality and uniqueness.

The main ability that is required for the completion of a successful critique essay is critical thinking. This ability has always been greatly appreciated throughout history, but nowadays it has been given a new impulse of importance. Professors require a critical approach from the students since it defines the level of their knowledge and competence in a certain field.
Moreover, critical thinking plays a significant role in our everyday life. It allows us to evaluate the seriousness of problems, to analyze the events and to stay out of trouble.
Critical thinking also requires a serious educational background. Thus, to write a research paper, one has to possess the needed level of knowledge. First of all, it’s necessary to define the main points of the book or work you want to criticize. The next step in writing a critique essay is summarizing the content of the book/work. You need to keep in mind that if you criticize something, you need to present a substantial evidential base to prove your opinion. It can also be useful to offer your own ways to complete what the author has failed to do.

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After having completed this part of your work, start writing an introduction and conclusion. In the introduction, you state the main points with which you disagree, and in the conclusion, you review the work you’ve done and suggest further actions. Revise your work by proofreading and checking it carefully. Follow general guidelines for paper format and style, and don’t forget to cite the materials and books used for the ompletion of your critique essay. Avoid plagiarism, express your own thoughts and ideas.
A critique essay is often confused with criticism. These are not synonymous notions. The criticism is usually something negative while critique implies a certain analysis of the chosen issues. It is very important to look at the problem or a topic from different angles in order to reveal hidden meanings and interpretations. As a rule, critique essays are written based on read novels and poems, watched movies or theater performances. Critique essays should have a personal touch because, a reader must see the author’s attitude and feelings in regards to the subject matter.

The most important thing about writing a critique essay is observation. At that, you have to observe not only something that happened in a movie or a book plot, but you also should observe your own feelings and interpretations. You may have your own opinion why a book’s key character said or did certain things. You may have your own viewpoint on the key message of the movie. You have to support your statements with facts from movies, books or theater performances. It is wrong to just say that “character X is bad just because I think so,” but it is OK to say that “character X is shown in a negative light, but in fact he has a loving heart because…”

Look at the bigger picture. You do not necessarily have to stay within certain boundaries. Often times students read similar critique essays on the same books and just copy them, sometimes even without paraphrasing. This is not a good approach, as your work will never be original. Remember, there are ethical boundaries that you simply should not cross. However, you can look at a problem from a different angle, and show that you really tried to analyze certain issues in your own way. Individuality and originality is always valued in the academic world.

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Freshmen and inexperienced students usually have problems with critique essays in regards to the above stated problem. They write whatever it might be, but not a critique essay. It is really helpful to get free critique essay examples. The best way to download them is to visit the web-sites of essay writing companies, like If these companies offer free essay examples, it means that these texts were written for customers who remained satisfied with the quality. This is the best proof that you are getting good examples. Resist the temptation to simply copy the essay and submit it as your own. This is called plagiarism and it is strictly prohibited.

Literary Critique Essay

Everyone knows that a literary critique essay is the most popular critical essay type among college and universities students, especially those who have Humanities as their majors. The tasks are usually quite easy to understand. You read a novel or a story and write a critique essay either on book characters, plot details, writing style etc. Many students seem to  make a very common mistake. They simply describe the book’s plot and then add a sentence or two about the key characters. This is a descriptive essay and it has nothing to do with a literary critique.

Movie Critique Essay

Often times students are asked to write critique essays on movies that they have either watches together in class or at home. A movie critique essay usually dwells on key characters and plot details, similar to literary essays. It should be noted that students love these assignments since lately  movies have become more popular than books, who wouldn’t like to write an essay on “The Character of Achilles in Troy” or the genius of Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind?” Again, do not make the common mistake of just describing the plot. Try to present your own viewpoint, despite the fact that it may conflict with the opinions of fellow students.

Critique Essay Outline

Just like any other essay, a critique essay must have a well organized structure and meet certain requirements. That’s why it is important to learn the facts about a critique essay outline. Luckily, there are no special requirements as to the structure of a critique essay. Traditionally, it must have an introduction, abstract (which is optional), body and conclusion. You also have to make a list of works you used and cite them in your essay. Try to find original critique materials on the chosen movie. It will be very helpful to spend time looking at the discussions from movie forums.

Critique Thesis

The writing of a critique thesis is a popular task in colleges and universities. You should understand the difference between a critique thesis and a thesis critique. The latter is writing a critique essay on a thesis, while the former implies writing of the thesis with critique material on certain issues. In both cases, you have to do an excellent job, taking into account a very high academic level and the requirements of the theses.

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