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When you are student trying to juggle your coursework and often other responsibilities like work, family, and maybe an extracurricular or two—it can all just seem overwhelming at times.  Since 2003, ProfEssays.com has been helping students just like yourself take “mini-vacations” from the stresses of writing essays, research papers, dissertations, and term papers.

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Regardless of whether you need a 5-page essay or a full-blown term paper, we will provide you with a rock-solid price and delivery date for your completed writing project. Just contact us for FREE quote! If you you are ready to proceed, just complete your order and our dedicated team of professional academic writers will get started writing your 100% unique, high quality paper.  Here’s what you receive with your order:

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With more than 500 professional academic writers working all around the world and in shifts, ProfEssays.com can literally research, write, proofread and check your paper for plagiarism—in just 12 hours and up to 20 pages!  On smaller projects like 5-7 page essays, one of our dedicated academic writing experts in your needed area of expertise will be assigned to complete your paper.

For rush projects in the 10-20 page range, ProfEssays.com will quickly assemble a team of 4-6 qualified academic writers who will quickly outline your paper and split up to research and write the components individually.  Next, one writer will take the individual components and create one unified, professional, and polished paper.

Your paper is then sent to our Quality Control department where it is checked for grammar, spelling, and overall readability.  Once any edits are complete, the paper will then be scanned by our proprietary anti-plagiarism software.  Finally, your paper will be personally reviewed for plagiarism issues by a member of our Expert Service Department and final copy, title page, bibliography, outline, and plagiarism report will be sent to you on or before your promised delivery time.

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