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How to Cite a Paper: Your Guide in Making Your Paper Credible

Thou shall not plagiarize. If there is a golden rule among essay writers, this would be it. With the dawn of the copyright laws, the intellectual property rights of all writers have been highly regarded. It is a sweet thought that this development is welcomed by all, as it gives credit to where it is due. Students, who are often tasked with research works, also stumble upon the task of citing their references. Teachers require this to add credibility to the paper. It also encourages them to acknowledge the person who deserves to receive recognition. New writers, however find it difficult to cite their references because of the numerous rules that it seems to entail. As such, many students find themselves ask a question on how to cite a paper. ProfEssays.com reminds you that there are varied ways of documenting, depending on the paper or essay topic which you have chosen. For a paper on humanities, you can use the MLA style (Modern Language Association); for social sciences paper, the APA style (American Psychological Association) is used; for studies or papers on history, the Chicago style is required; while the CSE style (Council of Science Editors) is used for papers on Sciences.


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Regardless of the type of essay that you will write, ProfEssays.com would like to share you these tips on citing your references:

  • Cite your reference whether you are stating a fact or an opinion from someone else
  • Acknowledge your source even if you have re-worded or re-written their statements
  • Do not forget to use quotation marks for statements which you have copied word per word
  • Do not forget to include a bibliography. The contents of your bibliography should match with your footnotes or endnotes.

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