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Essay Paper on Community-based Programs

The USA is known in the world for its strong public activity and social involvement. There is no other country where community would play such a serious role in the life of any given individual. For some, such statement might seem rather utopistic. In fact, the evidence shows that no other country has so many volunteers in every sphere of life. No other country can boast with such social responsiveness as the US can. Yet, the question remains what kind of tendency is going to remain for future? Is new generation will support the old values and traditions of social responsibility and enthusiasm. That’s where comes the realization of necessity to pass legislation that requires citizens to serve their country in community-based programs. There has been much discussion on the issue. Yet, no right solution has been found, because their positive sides to the topic, as well as there are negative sides to it. Thus, careful considerations must be taken, all pros and cons examined and rethought.

As for the positive side of a project, there exist different opinions on the topic. We all know that the last several years, especially after September 11, the US has undergone serious changes. Economy fluctuations are only one of them. What is more important is a social change, so to say, the change in minds and hearts of the people. On one hand, terrorist attacks united Americans, provoked great sense of patriotism. On the other hand, they scared them to death. If you know ask any American what he is mostly afraid of, the answer will be the events that had happened in 2001. This is the biggest commonly considered danger for all US citizens. Therefore, I might say that situation only seems rather stable now. In fact, all the things are quite chaotic.

If there is any serious threat, everything will crash, especially the hopes and beliefs of Americans. Thus, my point is that each and every US community should try to maintain internal stability as the basis of stability of the whole country. It is can be done the best by establishing the common rule for everybody to serve in his/her community and provide for its stability and strengths. It is, however, impossible to do without legally arranging such practice. It means, that the law obliging everybody to serve his/her community should be passed through Congress.

There is one more reason in favor of mentioned above legislation that requires special attention. It is the fact that US army needs young people to protect the country in case of any unpredictable things, such as terrorist attacks. Michael Lind, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, said “within the small but vocal community of national service enthusiasts, there is far more agreement on the policy of national service than on its purpose.”

In the post-September 11 environment, he argues that the “one compelling case for citizen service would rest on the need to expand the nation’s capacity to prepare for and respond to domestic emergencies, notably those caused by terrorism.” The situation in the US Army cannot be ignored, cause it is not only the problem of safety. It is also the problem of faith and dignity. One might argue that there is not much dignity to be forced to serve in the army. Yet, there is less virtue in the avoidance of military service. Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that as time passes, there become less young men willing to serve their country. Therefore, such situation should be fixed. The best way to do it is to oblige young men to go through military service.

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