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Essay Paper on Project Manager Skills

by Benjamin Freeman

Choosing the Project Manager is one of the decisive decisions regarding the project. Fundamental skills for a project manager should comprise leadership, having the ability to stand up and show the way when a condition they mind about needs it. They should be able to build the confidence required to take the lead. Leaders normally need to drive change when required all through the project. A leader must be the one to direct the strategy, setting up, progress and implementation of change. A project manager should be assertive, that he can his point through with efficiency without being forceful or over aggressive. Through the project there will be a lot who will disagree with him, the PM needs to firm about certain things; at the same time it doesn’t mean that he should turn to be inflexible or obstinate, but it means that he should stick to his principles and assert them. Assertiveness means that he should put his view crossways confidently and with certainty to convince others and gain respect. The PM should be an innovative and creative character; he should as well obtain an “integrative whole-brain approach” to develop inventiveness and imagination. As long as he creates new skills in his team, he is then developing more future leaders; capable to help him throughout the project solving any problems that may evolve. As well requirements should include powerful interpersonal skills to maintain a consistent team who works in cooperation. He has to be a well-built tying manager among his team and the other teams working throughout the project. He should be a focused manager working with a positive attitude towards his team.  Project Manager should maintain outstanding presentation skills to persuade and win the customer about the progress and completion of the project and at the same time convince and encourage his team.

Project Manager has to build leadership skills in his team as “great leaders create leaders, they never create followers”. Building independent leaders able to handle difficult situations and attaining the skill of problem solving to save time and preserve energy.  He should always seek perfection to get the best out of his team. Project Manager, along with presentation skills, should sustain communication skills for the benefit of all parties, being able to control all issues and at the same time maintain good relationships with everyone. He should have the talent of not only to communicate, but rather to go behind and connect. The Project Manager should handle different issues by convincing people to co-operate and to remain focused on project objectives. Rewarding is a good tool to enhance the team to encourage collaboration and teamwork, and conquer any team conflicts.

PM should also uphold participative leadership to add value to team involvement in problem solving, development and execution. It may in addition awake the inner leaders among team members by exploring their abilities and talents. Great PMs are team builders and facilitators, they help their team to perform loyal fully and are more dedicated to accomplish project’s goals with more satisfaction.

Different issues with clients are expected, but they must not hold back project’s progress or spoil customer’s satisfaction. Professional Project managers should look for good relationship with their clients. Problems with customers could be of a genuine type concerning quality or slight changes outside the project mainframe. For quality problems; the project manager must show a quick response and solve them, but for other issues he must proceed in an official way for approvals keeping always good relations with the customer. They are too politically aware, knowing all external impacts that may affect project’s achievement. Good project managers are usually effective negotiators for the sake of their party having the ability to increase funds, use outsourcing or extend deadlines.

Most of all the Project Manager is the one who direct the whole job, either positively or negatively. He must be highly qualified having the ability to focus on finishing the project with the highest efficient performance. He should attain the drive to finish the task under pressure and with different challenging issues that may occur all through the project.

Furthermore the Project Manager should have project management credibility plus technical credibility to clutch largely problems and realize the key concerns. The Project Manager must be superficial by his management, his team, functional directors, and particularly the client with great technical information to control the project. Project Manager should be of technical powerful skills to understand all details and gain his team’s confidence.

One of the main features of a leader is the ability to handle conflict and stress. A professional leader can easily turn hard situations to flexibility and understanding.  Enhanced management requires highly qualified manager for controlling people, internal conflicts, meeting deadlines, managing budgets and other challenges that may occur in everyday job.

The PM should identify the input roles and most advantageous team structure from the beginning. The accurate structure would depend on the exacting project and its task responsibility. All resources should be assigned and the project manager should think about the project office needs and the selection of a qualified administrator.

The success of a project depends significantly on a highly qualified team. After selecting the team it is significant to find out all the required skills and allocate team members according to their skills. Later HR should specify training requirements assigned by the project manager for all team members. Training could involve communication skills which could be the core for sustaining a powerful effective team. Through inspiration, the PM plays a strategic role to motivate, encourage, recognize and reward the team. Project Manager should be a powerful recognizer and proactive in this view. He must be able to guess the improvement of each team member, the skills of each one, the talents, and the show stoppers throughout the project, and help through training to improve or change any defects among his team. Finally Project Manager is the one who can make a real difference for either success or failure.

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