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Essay Paper on Images of Managing Change

This writing paper is going to be devoted to contemplating my organization and change within it in the context of different images of change as well as various pressures for change – both internal and external. I would like to remind that my company Reservoir Laboratories AS has experienced the following change. It went through the acquisition by Weatherford International Ltd., one of the biggest companies in the world which deal with “innovative mechanical solutions, technology and services for the drilling and production sectors of the oil and gas industry”.

The question under discussion lies in imagining myself being present at the senior managers meting and explaining to them the reasons for change and my own role as a manager in this change process.

If I consider the situation from the angle of some management role, I suppose to choose the intended change outcome. The reason for this is as follows. Intended change assumes that its outcomes will be achieved anyway. Change here is considered to be a prior intent and thus is not supposed to have any obstacles. In our case change has to be perceived as beneficial for the entire organization. Thus, its goals align with interests of all its employees.

When we consider acquisition it is really a prior intent and in the context of our business environment this change is beneficial for our company – ResLab while our employees are interested in success of our firm which is their own personal success and well-being. Also, it is evident that our change lied in power-coercive strategies when our employees were expected to comply with expectations of our managers while power could be exercised not only by legitimate managers but also by less legitimate ways.

When I consider the response to the request from the senior managers to explain the reasons and circumstances of our acquisition, I think of talking as the coach – this image of managing change imposes upon me the most. I have to admit that I am not the senior manager; I have only one laboratory accountable to me. But the engineers who work in this laboratory, as many other employees who experience change have their own fears and concerns about their positions and future work within the new frame of our company’s existence and operation.

Thus, I feel the need for being a coach, not a director for my team. Instead of dictating behaviours and activities I would rather explain to my team certain skills, values and activities which are necessary in the new environment and situation. For me, it is much more comfortable to be not a superintendent or supervisor but rather an equal colleague and friend who still being the manager will be able to help my team understand and get used to the change.

Here the theory of Organizational Development or OD theory helps me to deal with my laboratory workers. And, as far as it is known that there does not exist pure management image, I have to admit that the image of interpreter is also close to me for interpreter is supposed to translate the entire organization’s needs and aspirations to certain employees who are subordinate to the manager under discussion. Thus it has to be apparent that for me such image as shaping is much closer and more comfortable than controlling…

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