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Practical Guidelines in Writing Marketing Essay

Help with Writing Marketing Essays

Marketing is among the most underrated, overused and misunderstood profession ever, it is sometimes used in place of sales, in Africa you have petty traders describing their selling activities as marketing, even the educative ones that should know better also inappropriate the concept of marketing. Writing marketing essay is required by students studying Marketing, business, administration, economics etc in colleges and universities. Contact ProfEssays.com if you need to purchase marketing custom essay papers or project.

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Marketing is a very wide profession like economics challenges where faced placing the right definition for it. American marketing association defines it as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”
Marketing evolved from different periods from the basic concept in 1900s to classification and definitions of term in 1910, addition of principles in 1920, specialization and disparities in hypothesis 1930s, up to fitting marketing to social change in 1970.

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How to write marketing essay

The vastness of marketing as a profession and subject attracts many views which culminate into many essay topics such like; History and evolution of marketing.

When given a topic like “discuss the history and evolution of marketing”

  1. First understand the essay requirement; what does it entail to discuss? For ease in interpreting the essay topic use your knowledge of discussion essay where requires to describe, give extensive details explain the pros and cons, and give definition of key subject.
  2. Gather information from the library, internet, read journals and text books etc collect all necessary information regarding the subject, remember to use vivid words. Have pen and paper handy to jot down useful information like; orientation, disparities in definition, important periods, history of marketing thoughts etc
  3. After getting all these requirements create a theory using your opinion, this is called thesis statements, the theory should be assertive and direct also give a hint of what the essay is about.
  4. Introduction: you can write a question, based on the thesis statement, or you can issue a declaration whatever you decide remember to make it short, and interesting.
  5. Body: Using different paragraphs write out your key points or main idea, relevant citation; reference, examples, and quotation should be written according to MLA and APA essay format.
  6. Conclusion: Bring essay to an end by confirming the thesis, you are allowed a dramatic ending.
  7. Find out rubrics grading for this essay before writing.

Marketing profession have come a long way to what it is now, however its concepts is still confusing individuals, large organizations like banks, students in most part of the world especially Africa still have a wrong idea about marketing they are still caught up in the selling era, an extensive orientation need to be carried out to stop the debasement of a great profession. Read more on the following: MLA format research paper, Chicago style research paper and research paper footnotes.

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